More robot stuff

Robots are a common theme that seem to happen a lot in this course so far, and it tends to be pretty good. This so far feels like kind of a mix of the two, I can see the good side of it with how much you can do with this animation side of after effects, but at the same time it’s after effects, and as always it is somewhat confusing and annoying to work with, though this isn’t nearly as bad as other projects.

This all followed up from the last lesson, in which we took the robot model we were rigging and planned to make an animation out of it using the rigging knowledge we had gained. It was pretty interesting to use after effects in a way like that, and it did give some interesting insight onto how it all works, much more differently than previous projects I had done with the program.

It’s still a lot of information to take in though. Like other projects there was a lot of room for error, though I was told this lesson itself wasn’t too much about getting things perfect, more getting things into a way that makes sense for us. Even then I didn’t like the idea of too much trial and error given how I tend to do with after effects projects, so I tried my best to avoid that. I will need more time with this.



More heads going around

Today I drew some more heads as part of the art lesson. It was okay last time but held back due to how the program kept crashing, and whilst it did keep crashing this time I did manage to do some more than last time, so thankfully it wasn’t as bad. I did a few more heads than last time and once more not artistically brilliant but I like to think they look nice to look at.

Pretty much I had my whole thought process going into how to make the head look interesting at a design point to make up for my lack of skills in art. I mainly stick a bunch of heads together into a pic rather than focusing on  a single head, so it gives it some uniqueness but after this I can imagine I will stop doing it to stop it from becoming too stale to look at.

I did two this time which is better than last time so I’m pleased enough with it. They’re both fairly basic but I’d like to think they can stand on their own for the time being. Not sure if next time will be the same stuff or if we’ll move on but regardless I think I’ll finish this little project just so I can show off something for the portfolio, makes it something for the art section.


Maya has weird names for things

So in the same day I’ve heard about how you can not only bake something in Maya, but you can also explode something in it too. I’ve got no idea what any of that has in terms of relevancy to what you actually do with the processes, I just think the people making the program thought of the fanciest words they could for this so they could make it stand out, which admittedly it does.

Today that was what it was about, the baking at the least. Making a low poly model then making a high poly model, then using the high poly model to bake a fancy look onto the low poly model as a way of covering up that it was a low poly model in the first place. It sounds complicated, and it is, but I still gave it a go. Honestly it was easier than I thought, easier than anything after effects at least.

I was never too good with adding divots and grooves into models so I opted to add extra objects onto the model and then connecting them together to make the high poly model, to which I was reminded that Booleans were a thing so I used that to make it a bit better and easier to bake. The process itself I didn’t get completed, but I am looking to try it again in the near future.


Same old same old

After effects never changes really. I might as well just copy paste my last post about after effects. I do try hard to make this stuff work but I’m really doing my best to also not have to constantly ask for help with it. I mean this is a very hard topic to do but even then I want to show how good I am and if I’m struggling with this stuff then it really doesn’t show my strengths.

This was all about masks and effects, getting an effect to appear like a glow under the skin. We had all our stuff provided for us including tutorials, and yet despite all of this I still haven’t been able to make it work. It just seems like I do the steps but it doesn’t work out like it is supposed to, which I’m sure is a clear reason why it didn’t work out, but even then I get really disappointed about it.

I just really don’t get how after effects can get any better. Every lesson feels like the exact same one, me trying to remember a sequence of things in various menus and failing badly at it whilst needing to get a lot of help in the process. Am I ever going to get better? I don’t even know at this point, but I’m running out of time before the examination time starts, so I’m getting worried now.


Games take effort

I was making my game again today and it’s slowly but surely coming together. I’ve not been a good coder but I’m not letting that stop me when it comes to making this game together. There’s a lot to get through, like the movement and collision along with more advanced stuff like enemies and projectiles, so I’ve got my work cut out but for the time being it’s going well.

Today was just me focusing on the simple side of things, since I’m only a beginner with this stuff. I followed some tutorials and was able to get the movement side down, though with some difficulty with the minor things like getting the brackets in proper position and remembering which commands are needed in the right scenarios, especially when it comes to multiple different variations of them.

I also got the collision side of things down, which was pretty simple in terms of how my assets are very basic and only need box colliders to make work. It’s far from perfect and not squeaky clean in terms of presentation, but it’s all came together and for making my first proper game that I’ll probably be showing off in my portfolio by the end of the education year, it looks like it’s coming along well.


Why is after effects like this

I don’t really know what else I can say about after effects that I haven’t already said. I’ve made my thoughts on how I feel about the program, being a tangled mess of menus and options where all it takes is one slip up to completely ruin a project. I’d like to think I would be past this part of the program as a learning curve but it simply isn’t happening right now.

Today was about rigging a robot model in order to make the body move for an animation. I already know how much of a pain that can be in Maya, but in after effects it gets even worse. It started off fine, just a little confusing in terms of what tools was needed to use to set everything up, but the actual rigging part is where it all began to go down the drain pretty badly.

It became an utter sea of options to go through and linking multiple different assets/layers with each other. Some things needed to be done with Alt clicks rather than normal clicks, it was getting far too confusing for me and I got lost in the process. I’m pretty sure it’s the only way to do it as well, no alternate or easier ways to rig, so really I’m kind of stuck unless I can learn to memorize the process.


Headed for trouble

Art has never been my strong point and it doesn’t help me when the programs I’m using decide to revolt against me, so that pretty much sums up my lesson today in which I attempted to draw some heads in some thumbnail style drawings, only to have to stop start with the problem being that the program I was using being illustrator kept on crashing every so often.

Heads are pretty fun to draw really, especially works well with surreal imagery and getting a hang 0of an atomy which is a very important skill in regards to art, especially if you want to get into realistic depictions in art. It did give me some good ideas ion what to do, based on what I had seen for inspiration, but as I just said I didn’t get to do much of what I wanted due to the crashing.

I am still happy with what I did, to a degree anyways. I know I’m not a good artist but I can say my idea was sort of original? I think? I don’t know but mixing the bone and organ anatomy together into one image was a fun thing to do, and I don’t think I’ve seen it done before so that’s a plus. Maybe next lesson I’ll have better luck with illustrator not crashing as much.