Portfolio thing

My life has kind of been in the gutter lately so my standard of work has drastically gone down so don’t expect much from this post I mean I was considering not even coming in because I am heavily lacking in both confidence and motivation especially in regards to this course because of you know what. Really you should just see what this is and then we’ll see if things get better.

We need to do something for the portfolio today. We were told we could do anything we wanted as long as we were good at it but it seems everyone just decided to do unity stuff which I can see because it’s been a while since we did anything with 3D unity I guess. We made a cube move about and stuff and implemented some other things using code, not so much me but you know.

I made it rotate and I tried to make it move up and down but it didn’t work mainly because I decided to use some crap code that was a mess. So I didn’t do too much. There was also something about making a sphere bounce and then change it’s form with each bounce but that didn’t happen either because that code is pretty complex and expecting me to do complex code is a fairy tale to be honest.



Games take effort

I was making my game again today and it’s slowly but surely coming together. I’ve not been a good coder but I’m not letting that stop me when it comes to making this game together. There’s a lot to get through, like the movement and collision along with more advanced stuff like enemies and projectiles, so I’ve got my work cut out but for the time being it’s going well.

Today was just me focusing on the simple side of things, since I’m only a beginner with this stuff. I followed some tutorials and was able to get the movement side down, though with some difficulty with the minor things like getting the brackets in proper position and remembering which commands are needed in the right scenarios, especially when it comes to multiple different variations of them.

I also got the collision side of things down, which was pretty simple in terms of how my assets are very basic and only need box colliders to make work. It’s far from perfect and not squeaky clean in terms of presentation, but it’s all came together and for making my first proper game that I’ll probably be showing off in my portfolio by the end of the education year, it looks like it’s coming along well.


Another game begins

I think I’ve lost count of how many games I’ve been making in Unity, but I don’t thin they really count as games. Regardless, this lesson was the beginning of another game project, this time it’s pretty slow and methodical in terms of it’s process of being made, so it seems like it could go well at the very least, since I’m doing it for myself with no one to let down in a team.

It’s going to be a top down 2d game with a focus on stealth, as we were instructed, so we had to get a basic amount of stuff done for the start of it all. I got the assets made which are once again simple MS paint style things mainly¬†because I don’t have the time or the skill to focus on fancy art, but that’s fine by me. They got done and now I can say that they are out of the way.

I also worked on the coding side, needing o get the basic movement controls done here. They’re okay for a start, not too refined but it works and this game isn’t exactly going to be a masterpiece so I don’t mind. I got those down and now it’s all a matter of the next steps, which we will be doing hopefully soon. Maybe this will lead into something really good but only time will tell.


This game is taking a while

The whole saga of this game so far hasn’t been too great, mainly cause I got sick last week and it meant that I missed the whole day so I left my partner to do a bunch of stuff on their own. Today we were doing some more from here, mainly just continuing on. I hope this will all be playable in some fashion after all this, at the very least but code is probably my weakest point at the moment, so it doesn’t look good.

I mainly went about gathering code from¬†the Unity site and getting all my assets in the right order, making the playspace and seeing what I would need alongside all the other parts of the game. Again, I’m hoping I’ll be able to put it all together, like a jigsaw puzzle but I know it won’t be as easy really. Going to need to be handheld through it all so yeah, seems like it might take some time.

At the least I can say I did most of it myself, in terms of making assets and knowing what I had to do whilst my partner did the other stuff, that kind of thing. I know that A for effort doesn’t really count in college but I try to think that way in some sort of self esteem way. Without it I struggle to keep my spirits up, so I’m grasping at whatever I can get at this point. But eh we’ll see.


A lot to do in little time

So on top of all this maths stuff I need to learn which comes with coding and making games, it’s been told I need to make a game by the end of February which is a lot to ask of me considering I’ve still not got all the main game making parts down. But apparently it’s going to be a paired work so I’m teaming up so maybe it won’t be so hard, but it’s still going to be a task to do something without it falling apart.

Today was simple really, learning the stuff we were told to look up maths wise and getting prepared to make the game. We decided on the style of art we should use and once that was done, we got to making assets and getting some of the code preset for when we make it. I handled the asset work and my partner handled the coding side, since they had a better grasp on that side than I did.

I still looked up stuff on my end too, but mainly simple things that’ll help with the game’s presentation like flashing graphics and making it clear to the player what’s good and what’s bad to them. It’s a start so I can at least say that it’s a good thing to get something together, even if it’s not amazing. Hopefully this all goes well for the future, I’ll be keeping my expectations in check.


It’s been a while since I did maths

Today was all about maths, as was last week. This is all going to help us make the game we’re going to make on our own, so there’s a lot to learn and do so I want to get this all sorted out as soon as possible. It’s been slow going so far since I haven’t done maths in years so I’m just getting back into the swing of learning maths and such, but I’m slowly getting there.

Today was all about trigonometry and a brief look at some radius related topics, so it was long but not too hard to grasp. Even by advanced math standards this sort of thing isn’t too complex, so there was an understanding. The real challenge comes from trying to get it to work with code and such, since it needs to done specifically and perfectly to get it work, so I want to try and handle that right.

Really it’s nothing I can’t do, it’s more a matter of doing it in a way that is both worthy of merit and can actually get me somewhere with game development. I still have the game concept in mind and it should be simple to implement this code into the concept, since the game itself is rather simple. Still, there’s a lot more maths to learn so I can’t go jumping the gun here.


Still need to make a game

When we came back we were told we needed to make a game and that’s what we’re going to do. We were told about all the maths we need to learn so we could do the coding side of it, and then we were pretty much left to learn on our own. It was a weird lesson and honestly I’ve never liked the lessons that lack direction like that, but I did what I could do and such.

In terms of what game to make, I will probably just do the Christmas game I was going to do with Flash but probably just do it in Unity, if that is possible. It’s a simple enough concept and I think I could do that even if it’s terrible and barely functions, if it works it works and that was matters to me. I have no idea what functions I would need to learn but I will get there.

I have a feeling relearning all this maths after years of not doing it is going to be the hardest part for me in this course. It’s a lot of complex stuff and I barely scraped by maths as it was in the past, plus I haven’t done maths in years now. It will take a while and it’ll probably do a good job of showing my lack of intelligence, but whatever has to be done has to be done.