Maya is alright I guess

Animating is something I’ve done a lot but I still need to do more as part of the portfolio I need to set up. I am guessing it’s because we need to do something with an industry standard model, which is why the animation must be done with a model known as Moom. It is quite well made so I can see why they would want to have me use the model for the animation.

If I remember correctly there is an entire set of animations we can choose to do, ranging from amateur to intermediate to expert. For the time being I am focusing on a walking cycle, which I know is mandatory regardless of skill level. I’ve done walk cycles before but not with a humanoid style model, so this brings about it’s own set of challenges I will have to deal with.

I have spent the past week on it, with a lot of time merely spent getting used to the Moom model as it has a tendency to break and warp if used improperly. I have gotten down some of the start of animation creation, though it will likely be long as I want to at least get 60 frames worth of animation in there. I might go the full 120 if I have the time to create as much.



Better than nothing

I’m pretty sure I’ve made a title like this for another post before but I don’t really mind because it makes for a good title in that it fits what I’m going on about. I’m starting yet another project because having at least 3 or 4 going on at the same time wasn’t enough so now I’m just going through this and even if my work sucks then at least I have something to show and I can get a barely qualifying grade.

So the project from before is coming up I don’t even remember if I made a blog post about it but pretty much I’m making a spiral staircase and I’m already regretting it because how am I supposed to make a spiral staircase with my skill level but whatever I’m stuck with this now so I have to do it unless I want to let the entire team down because it’s a team effort I feel sorry for them being stuck with me.

Just as I thought making a staircase that looks good is hard and I’ll probably need to redo the entire thing again later if it turns out as bad as it is, but maybe that’ll get me some brownie points for putting in effort or something like that. All I know is I’m sorry for the people who are working with me to be stuck with someone as bad as me making something for a group project, I really am.


Another project yay

Like the title says there’s more work to do and I’ve got to do it to a good standard or else I’ll be letting a team down because that’s what is happening right now. Pretty much we got put in groups and were told to make a scene based on a theme and we’re all making assets for it because we have to. More chances for me to set people up for disappointment which is just great.

We decided to do a fantasy style thing and so we were making up ideas of what to do and so it was kinda basic what we wanted to do. Then we decided what assets we would make list based on importance so we could decide. I went with the fancy stairs to use and so I did some research on what stair designs to use and how I would implement them, which was simple enough to do.

Whilst I didn’t get into the modelling part yet, I feel like next time I get the chance to make it I’ll be able to do something well with it. I have a good idea on what to do plus the others gave me an idea of what they’d want to see from the stairs, so I’d want to at least follow up for their image they had in mind, even if it doesn’t even look good I can say I made it based on what they want.



Maya has weird names for things

So in the same day I’ve heard about how you can not only bake something in Maya, but you can also explode something in it too. I’ve got no idea what any of that has in terms of relevancy to what you actually do with the processes, I just think the people making the program thought of the fanciest words they could for this so they could make it stand out, which admittedly it does.

Today that was what it was about, the baking at the least. Making a low poly model then making a high poly model, then using the high poly model to bake a fancy look onto the low poly model as a way of covering up that it was a low poly model in the first place. It sounds complicated, and it is, but I still gave it a go. Honestly it was easier than I thought, easier than anything after effects at least.

I was never too good with adding divots and grooves into models so I opted to add extra objects onto the model and then connecting them together to make the high poly model, to which I was reminded that Booleans were a thing so I used that to make it a bit better and easier to bake. The process itself I didn’t get completed, but I am looking to try it again in the near future.


Rendering once again

Back into doing what seems to be my strong point, based on what I’ve done anyways. It’s the final week of the group project which has gone surprisingly well in terms of me actually contributing to the whole team and everything. I’m still probably contributing the least but it seems like what I’m doing is an important part of the team it seems, so I have that for confidence.

Whilst the rest of the team is busy finishing up their models and putting all our stuff together into a big render, I’m busy doing my own renders for my own models, since it’s all about showing what I can do and learning what to do with a proper render. Honestly it isn’t even my best render work, with the renders I did for my animation from a few weeks back being much better.

I did hit a snag in that the method of colouring I’d been using for my models was in fact a way that wouldn’t work with renders and simply not allow the colours to appear, leaving this method of colouring useless in this circumstance. As such I had to use the other method of lamberts in order to get the colours to show, which ultimately did work out in the end thankfully.


Casino time is almost here

I was working on the casino stuff again and it’s going pretty well, mainly given how it’s a team effort obviously. Everyone is doing good stuff and I’m doing okay stuff, so that’s good enough for me at the moment. We have a lot of assets to use for when we set them all up and it should look pretty good at the very least, which is what I’m hoping for anyways. It’s fancy looking which is good.

I finished off my roulette table today, which was easy enough but I wanted to make it look pretty nice, deciding on colours for a long while and wanting to get the best possible texture for the table itself. I struggled to get it in a good quality so I needed to get some help in order to get it looking good. It was a good set up and now it’s looking pretty good, for me at least.

Now after that I did a quick dice cup thing to pad out the number of items we can put on the table since it’s not part of the track and is a decoration that goes in the middle, so it’s got to look fancy and got to look good. I feel like this’ll go nicely, though it all matters on if I made my stuff correctly and it doesn’t break in the middle of the creation. So fingers crossed for all that.


At least I did something

I’m not that good at coding, that seems to be a recurring fact to me at this point in time. Today was all about making a mini game in a few hours and showing it off, but I couldn’t do any of that. I did try to see what I could do but really I’m just too bad at coding to do anything of merit unfortunately. I do want to do this at some point, but this session just didn’t work out for me.

Instead to make sure I actually did something instead of doing nothing, I decided that I would see what I could do with my room project with Maya. It was something I also struggled with but I did do something with it, mainly “texturing” it with colours since my last attempt at texturing it properly simply didn’t work. It’s not amazing but at this point all I can say is it’s better than nothing.

As a whole I’ve been increasingly disappointed with how I’ve been progressing in these sessions. I didn’t get much done over the holiday since I had no access to any of the programs and it just feels like nothing is sinking in. I feel like I’m going to need personal tutoring just to get through this course and I don’t want to subject anyone to that knowing how much time I eat up already.