How many sculpting programs are there

Even if I’m not good at art in the slightest they tend to be some of the more relaxing lessons really. Doesn’t feel as easy to mess something up and I tend not to feel as much pressure which is weird considering the feeling I have with trying to make up for my overall lack of artistic skills, but there’s that. This time was similar, except it was more of a mixture of another lesson which is a nice change.

It isn’t the first time I’ve used a modelling program in an art lesson, as a while back I was told about using Maya and then importing the Maya file into Mudbox to do some artistic style stuff. It was a nice change but not great, but this case was much better. Here I was using a program known as Sculptris for the first time, which is pretty simple but very effect as a program, which made it fun to use.

It was once again focused on heads, though it had the added bit of trying to make an entire humanoid shape which was challenging and I didn’t get up to yet, but I did my best in modelling the head. It took some getting used to of all the tools since it isn’t entirely clear cut in how to use them or have them be effective, but I made a good start even if my head has some noticeable errors on it.



More heads going around

Today I drew some more heads as part of the art lesson. It was okay last time but held back due to how the program kept crashing, and whilst it did keep crashing this time I did manage to do some more than last time, so thankfully it wasn’t as bad. I did a few more heads than last time and once more not artistically brilliant but I like to think they look nice to look at.

Pretty much I had my whole thought process going into how to make the head look interesting at a design point to make up for my lack of skills in art. I mainly stick a bunch of heads together into a pic rather than focusing on  a single head, so it gives it some uniqueness but after this I can imagine I will stop doing it to stop it from becoming too stale to look at.

I did two this time which is better than last time so I’m pleased enough with it. They’re both fairly basic but I’d like to think they can stand on their own for the time being. Not sure if next time will be the same stuff or if we’ll move on but regardless I think I’ll finish this little project just so I can show off something for the portfolio, makes it something for the art section.


Headed for trouble

Art has never been my strong point and it doesn’t help me when the programs I’m using decide to revolt against me, so that pretty much sums up my lesson today in which I attempted to draw some heads in some thumbnail style drawings, only to have to stop start with the problem being that the program I was using being illustrator kept on crashing every so often.

Heads are pretty fun to draw really, especially works well with surreal imagery and getting a hang 0of an atomy which is a very important skill in regards to art, especially if you want to get into realistic depictions in art. It did give me some good ideas ion what to do, based on what I had seen for inspiration, but as I just said I didn’t get to do much of what I wanted due to the crashing.

I am still happy with what I did, to a degree anyways. I know I’m not a good artist but I can say my idea was sort of original? I think? I don’t know but mixing the bone and organ anatomy together into one image was a fun thing to do, and I don’t think I’ve seen it done before so that’s a plus. Maybe next lesson I’ll have better luck with illustrator not crashing as much.


Art is for appreciating

Even if I’m not too good at art in most of the sense, I like think that at the very least I have an eye for what is good with it and where the methods seen in art have been applied. Today was all about that, in which we took a look at various games and where they took inspiration from art styles to make their games look good. It’s interesting to see where it all comes from, so it’s a good lesson as a whole.

The main focus was the most obvious example of all, being Bioshock and it’s influences drawn from Art Deco to create its world. It’s fairly clear cut at a basic standpoint, but digging deeper into it you find more to look at and more to critique. Whilst I feel like there are better options in terms of looking at art in games, it’s still a reliable option to go for if you want to understand at a simple level.

After we looked at it we took a look at some of the actual art deco styles seen during the time and used it as a comparison to see how much they took and how it worked out in the gamespace. It was simple enough,  plus it also opened up into the start of an essay where we had to look at it ourselves with our own choices. It’ll be a long project but hopefully nothing too difficult.


I didn’t get this lesson

I got confused very easy this time. I thought the lesson would be simple enough but as it turns out it wasn’t. I still don’t get Photoshop well at all, especially with layers being the main issue. Then there was two other programs I had to worry about, it felt like an information overload and really got me confused. I know it’s probably a really dumb thing to not understand, but that’s how I was this lesson.

It started off with silhouettes in Photoshop with vehicles, then it moved onto trying to use a photo behind it to create a colour scheme, but like I said I still don’t get how layers work and I couldn’t do it. Then the lesson moved onto a program called sketch up and then I got confused, it’s moving onto a whole different program when I was barely able to understand the first one.

After that it moved onto 3DSMax for some reason, where it was about eggs or something. By then I was completely lost and it made me feel like a complete idiot. I really didn’t follow well at all and I got virtually nothing done this whole lesson. It felt like there wasn’t a clear goal in mind for the lesson and I didn’t like that at all. Then again it’s probably just me being too dense again.


I did some art too

Art is always a weird lesson because of how it is set up, though I at least get some small minor enjoyment out of it. Even then it was a odd time that leads into me needing to do more work for a project, which sounds fun at the very least, still going to require a significant amount of work to do. I’ll probably have to get a start on it soon given how I have to do a portfolio too.

The main focus of the lesson was taking cues from the art style of adventure time and using it as a means to make art, specifically the usage of shapes to create a figure that we can draw. It was a fairly simple task though I did it wrong, as it turns out we were supposed to be following the cylinder shapes that are commonly seen in the show, rather than shapes in general.

That was it really, it was a basic lesson and I would like to think I learned something from it. There was a showcase of robot designs but that had nothing to do with me, other than showing off the talents of others which is worthy of praise. For now I want to focus on that new project which is focused on landscapes and artists for a specific art direction, hopefully that goes well.

Facets of Assets

I made some assets for my Christmas game. I’m not sure how I can make a fully fledged blog post out of this, considering I already explained what I was going to do in the previous post alongside various other matters, but let’s see. I’m trying to do a whole bunch of stuff really, but for now I’m going to make the most basic possible assets just in case time becomes short and I have to work with doing the minimum to get it done.

If that isn’t the case, I can focus on making more as a way to make animation smooth, so I can have “frames” per say rather than just rapidly switching from one asset to the other. I’m also opting to do these in pure drawing rather than using shapes and the like, because honestly I can’t be bothered going through that as I’d prefer to just do it by hand, as long as it is presentable enough I don’t see an issue with it.

Given the general class plan, I don’t even know if this will be a fully fledged thing or be a part of something else, but either way I’ll be making my game with a small scale in general since the concept I’m working towards is simple enough as it is. It’s good so far, but I have absolutely no idea how I’ll code it at the moment. Obviously I can try to be optimistic but that only gets you so far. It’s a wait and see case right now.