Maya is alright I guess

Animating is something I’ve done a lot but I still need to do more as part of the portfolio I need to set up. I am guessing it’s because we need to do something with an industry standard model, which is why the animation must be done with a model known as Moom. It is quite well made so I can see why they would want to have me use the model for the animation.

If I remember correctly there is an entire set of animations we can choose to do, ranging from amateur to intermediate to expert. For the time being I am focusing on a walking cycle, which I know is mandatory regardless of skill level. I’ve done walk cycles before but not with a humanoid style model, so this brings about it’s own set of challenges I will have to deal with.

I have spent the past week on it, with a lot of time merely spent getting used to the Moom model as it has a tendency to break and warp if used improperly. I have gotten down some of the start of animation creation, though it will likely be long as I want to at least get 60 frames worth of animation in there. I might go the full 120 if I have the time to create as much.



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