How many sculpting programs are there

Even if I’m not good at art in the slightest they tend to be some of the more relaxing lessons really. Doesn’t feel as easy to mess something up and I tend not to feel as much pressure which is weird considering the feeling I have with trying to make up for my overall lack of artistic skills, but there’s that. This time was similar, except it was more of a mixture of another lesson which is a nice change.

It isn’t the first time I’ve used a modelling program in an art lesson, as a while back I was told about using Maya and then importing the Maya file into Mudbox to do some artistic style stuff. It was a nice change but not great, but this case was much better. Here I was using a program known as Sculptris for the first time, which is pretty simple but very effect as a program, which made it fun to use.

It was once again focused on heads, though it had the added bit of trying to make an entire humanoid shape which was challenging and I didn’t get up to yet, but I did my best in modelling the head. It took some getting used to of all the tools since it isn’t entirely clear cut in how to use them or have them be effective, but I made a good start even if my head has some noticeable errors on it.



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