Better than nothing

I’m pretty sure I’ve made a title like this for another post before but I don’t really mind because it makes for a good title in that it fits what I’m going on about. I’m starting yet another project because having at least 3 or 4 going on at the same time wasn’t enough so now I’m just going through this and even if my work sucks then at least I have something to show and I can get a barely qualifying grade.

So the project from before is coming up I don’t even remember if I made a blog post about it but pretty much I’m making a spiral staircase and I’m already regretting it because how am I supposed to make a spiral staircase with my skill level but whatever I’m stuck with this now so I have to do it unless I want to let the entire team down because it’s a team effort I feel sorry for them being stuck with me.

Just as I thought making a staircase that looks good is hard and I’ll probably need to redo the entire thing again later if it turns out as bad as it is, but maybe that’ll get me some brownie points for putting in effort or something like that. All I know is I’m sorry for the people who are working with me to be stuck with someone as bad as me making something for a group project, I really am.



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