Portfolio thing

My life has kind of been in the gutter lately so my standard of work has drastically gone down so don’t expect much from this post I mean I was considering not even coming in because I am heavily lacking in both confidence and motivation especially in regards to this course because of you know what. Really you should just see what this is and then we’ll see if things get better.

We need to do something for the portfolio today. We were told we could do anything we wanted as long as we were good at it but it seems everyone just decided to do unity stuff which I can see because it’s been a while since we did anything with 3D unity I guess. We made a cube move about and stuff and implemented some other things using code, not so much me but you know.

I made it rotate and I tried to make it move up and down but it didn’t work mainly because I decided to use some crap code that was a mess. So I didn’t do too much. There was also something about making a sphere bounce and then change it’s form with each bounce but that didn’t happen either because that code is pretty complex and expecting me to do complex code is a fairy tale to be honest.



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