Another project yay

Like the title says there’s more work to do and I’ve got to do it to a good standard or else I’ll be letting a team down because that’s what is happening right now. Pretty much we got put in groups and were told to make a scene based on a theme and we’re all making assets for it because we have to. More chances for me to set people up for disappointment which is just great.

We decided to do a fantasy style thing and so we were making up ideas of what to do and so it was kinda basic what we wanted to do. Then we decided what assets we would make list based on importance so we could decide. I went with the fancy stairs to use and so I did some research on what stair designs to use and how I would implement them, which was simple enough to do.

Whilst I didn’t get into the modelling part yet, I feel like next time I get the chance to make it I’ll be able to do something well with it. I have a good idea on what to do plus the others gave me an idea of what they’d want to see from the stairs, so I’d want to at least follow up for their image they had in mind, even if it doesn’t even look good I can say I made it based on what they want.




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