More robot stuff

Robots are a common theme that seem to happen a lot in this course so far, and it tends to be pretty good. This so far feels like kind of a mix of the two, I can see the good side of it with how much you can do with this animation side of after effects, but at the same time it’s after effects, and as always it is somewhat confusing and annoying to work with, though this isn’t nearly as bad as other projects.

This all followed up from the last lesson, in which we took the robot model we were rigging and planned to make an animation out of it using the rigging knowledge we had gained. It was pretty interesting to use after effects in a way like that, and it did give some interesting insight onto how it all works, much more differently than previous projects I had done with the program.

It’s still a lot of information to take in though. Like other projects there was a lot of room for error, though I was told this lesson itself wasn’t too much about getting things perfect, more getting things into a way that makes sense for us. Even then I didn’t like the idea of too much trial and error given how I tend to do with after effects projects, so I tried my best to avoid that. I will need more time with this.



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