More heads going around

Today I drew some more heads as part of the art lesson. It was okay last time but held back due to how the program kept crashing, and whilst it did keep crashing this time I did manage to do some more than last time, so thankfully it wasn’t as bad. I did a few more heads than last time and once more not artistically brilliant but I like to think they look nice to look at.

Pretty much I had my whole thought process going into how to make the head look interesting at a design point to make up for my lack of skills in art. I mainly stick a bunch of heads together into a pic rather than focusing on  a single head, so it gives it some uniqueness but after this I can imagine I will stop doing it to stop it from becoming too stale to look at.

I did two this time which is better than last time so I’m pleased enough with it. They’re both fairly basic but I’d like to think they can stand on their own for the time being. Not sure if next time will be the same stuff or if we’ll move on but regardless I think I’ll finish this little project just so I can show off something for the portfolio, makes it something for the art section.



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