Maya has weird names for things

So in the same day I’ve heard about how you can not only bake something in Maya, but you can also explode something in it too. I’ve got no idea what any of that has in terms of relevancy to what you actually do with the processes, I just think the people making the program thought of the fanciest words they could for this so they could make it stand out, which admittedly it does.

Today that was what it was about, the baking at the least. Making a low poly model then making a high poly model, then using the high poly model to bake a fancy look onto the low poly model as a way of covering up that it was a low poly model in the first place. It sounds complicated, and it is, but I still gave it a go. Honestly it was easier than I thought, easier than anything after effects at least.

I was never too good with adding divots and grooves into models so I opted to add extra objects onto the model and then connecting them together to make the high poly model, to which I was reminded that Booleans were a thing so I used that to make it a bit better and easier to bake. The process itself I didn’t get completed, but I am looking to try it again in the near future.



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