Same old same old

After effects never changes really. I might as well just copy paste my last post about after effects. I do try hard to make this stuff work but I’m really doing my best to also not have to constantly ask for help with it. I mean this is a very hard topic to do but even then I want to show how good I am and if I’m struggling with this stuff then it really doesn’t show my strengths.

This was all about masks and effects, getting an effect to appear like a glow under the skin. We had all our stuff provided for us including tutorials, and yet despite all of this I still haven’t been able to make it work. It just seems like I do the steps but it doesn’t work out like it is supposed to, which I’m sure is a clear reason why it didn’t work out, but even then I get really disappointed about it.

I just really don’t get how after effects can get any better. Every lesson feels like the exact same one, me trying to remember a sequence of things in various menus and failing badly at it whilst needing to get a lot of help in the process. Am I ever going to get better? I don’t even know at this point, but I’m running out of time before the examination time starts, so I’m getting worried now.



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