Games take effort

I was making my game again today and it’s slowly but surely coming together. I’ve not been a good coder but I’m not letting that stop me when it comes to making this game together. There’s a lot to get through, like the movement and collision along with more advanced stuff like enemies and projectiles, so I’ve got my work cut out but for the time being it’s going well.

Today was just me focusing on the simple side of things, since I’m only a beginner with this stuff. I followed some tutorials and was able to get the movement side down, though with some difficulty with the minor things like getting the brackets in proper position and remembering which commands are needed in the right scenarios, especially when it comes to multiple different variations of them.

I also got the collision side of things down, which was pretty simple in terms of how my assets are very basic and only need box colliders to make work. It’s far from perfect and not squeaky clean in terms of presentation, but it’s all came together and for making my first proper game that I’ll probably be showing off in my portfolio by the end of the education year, it looks like it’s coming along well.



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