Why is after effects like this

I don’t really know what else I can say about after effects that I haven’t already said. I’ve made my thoughts on how I feel about the program, being a tangled mess of menus and options where all it takes is one slip up to completely ruin a project. I’d like to think I would be past this part of the program as a learning curve but it simply isn’t happening right now.

Today was about rigging a robot model in order to make the body move for an animation. I already know how much of a pain that can be in Maya, but in after effects it gets even worse. It started off fine, just a little confusing in terms of what tools was needed to use to set everything up, but the actual rigging part is where it all began to go down the drain pretty badly.

It became an utter sea of options to go through and linking multiple different assets/layers with each other. Some things needed to be done with Alt clicks rather than normal clicks, it was getting far too confusing for me and I got lost in the process. I’m pretty sure it’s the only way to do it as well, no alternate or easier ways to rig, so really I’m kind of stuck unless I can learn to memorize the process.



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