Headed for trouble

Art has never been my strong point and it doesn’t help me when the programs I’m using decide to revolt against me, so that pretty much sums up my lesson today in which I attempted to draw some heads in some thumbnail style drawings, only to have to stop start with the problem being that the program I was using being illustrator kept on crashing every so often.

Heads are pretty fun to draw really, especially works well with surreal imagery and getting a hang 0of an atomy which is a very important skill in regards to art, especially if you want to get into realistic depictions in art. It did give me some good ideas ion what to do, based on what I had seen for inspiration, but as I just said I didn’t get to do much of what I wanted due to the crashing.

I am still happy with what I did, to a degree anyways. I know I’m not a good artist but I can say my idea was sort of original? I think? I don’t know but mixing the bone and organ anatomy together into one image was a fun thing to do, and I don’t think I’ve seen it done before so that’s a plus. Maybe next lesson I’ll have better luck with illustrator not crashing as much.



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