Rendering once again

Back into doing what seems to be my strong point, based on what I’ve done anyways. It’s the final week of the group project which has gone surprisingly well in terms of me actually contributing to the whole team and everything. I’m still probably contributing the least but it seems like what I’m doing is an important part of the team it seems, so I have that for confidence.

Whilst the rest of the team is busy finishing up their models and putting all our stuff together into a big render, I’m busy doing my own renders for my own models, since it’s all about showing what I can do and learning what to do with a proper render. Honestly it isn’t even my best render work, with the renders I did for my animation from a few weeks back being much better.

I did hit a snag in that the method of colouring I’d been using for my models was in fact a way that wouldn’t work with renders and simply not allow the colours to appear, leaving this method of colouring useless in this circumstance. As such I had to use the other method of lamberts in order to get the colours to show, which ultimately did work out in the end thankfully.



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