Another game begins

I think I’ve lost count of how many games I’ve been making in Unity, but I don’t thin they really count as games. Regardless, this lesson was the beginning of another game project, this time it’s pretty slow and methodical in terms of it’s process of being made, so it seems like it could go well at the very least, since I’m doing it for myself with no one to let down in a team.

It’s going to be a top down 2d game with a focus on stealth, as we were instructed, so we had to get a basic amount of stuff done for the start of it all. I got the assets made which are once again simple MS paint style things mainly¬†because I don’t have the time or the skill to focus on fancy art, but that’s fine by me. They got done and now I can say that they are out of the way.

I also worked on the coding side, needing o get the basic movement controls done here. They’re okay for a start, not too refined but it works and this game isn’t exactly going to be a masterpiece so I don’t mind. I got those down and now it’s all a matter of the next steps, which we will be doing hopefully soon. Maybe this will lead into something really good but only time will tell.



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