Casino time is almost here

I was working on the casino stuff again and it’s going pretty well, mainly given how it’s a team effort obviously. Everyone is doing good stuff and I’m doing okay stuff, so that’s good enough for me at the moment. We have a lot of assets to use for when we set them all up and it should look pretty good at the very least, which is what I’m hoping for anyways. It’s fancy looking which is good.

I finished off my roulette table today, which was easy enough but I wanted to make it look pretty nice, deciding on colours for a long while and wanting to get the best possible texture for the table itself. I struggled to get it in a good quality so I needed to get some help in order to get it looking good. It was a good set up and now it’s looking pretty good, for me at least.

Now after that I did a quick dice cup thing to pad out the number of items we can put on the table since it’s not part of the track and is a decoration that goes in the middle, so it’s got to look fancy and got to look good. I feel like this’ll go nicely, though it all matters on if I made my stuff correctly and it doesn’t break in the middle of the creation. So fingers crossed for all that.



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