The sky is falling

Today in effects it was all about sky replacement, which is a strange thing really. At a basic level it’s really easy to do but at an advanced level it gets pretty complex with everything you can do. I was looking up tutorials and there’s so many different ways just to do the same procedure, it’s really interesting but also kind of confusing to focus on when you’re looking it all up.

There resources were all set up and it was mainly a free reign lesson really, we could do anything we wanted with the sky replacement so it did allow for some experimental stuff, which did mean I got to see about lots of different ways and effects to use when it came to it. Whilst I didn’t get around to everything  there was to offer, it was still good to see how the procedures went.

I should’ve really tried with multiple different kinds of images and skies, considering how many were offered in the resources file but still I’m happy I could wrap my head around some parts at the very least. Maybe we’ll get to do more in future considering what we could do and how much there was, but for what could be a one off lesson I feel it was pretty good at least.



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