At least I did something

I’m not that good at coding, that seems to be a recurring fact to me at this point in time. Today was all about making a mini game in a few hours and showing it off, but I couldn’t do any of that. I did try to see what I could do but really I’m just too bad at coding to do anything of merit unfortunately. I do want to do this at some point, but this session just didn’t work out for me.

Instead to make sure I actually did something instead of doing nothing, I decided that I would see what I could do with my room project with Maya. It was something I also struggled with but I did do something with it, mainly “texturing” it with colours since my last attempt at texturing it properly simply didn’t work. It’s not amazing but at this point all I can say is it’s better than nothing.

As a whole I’ve been increasingly disappointed with how I’ve been progressing in these sessions. I didn’t get much done over the holiday since I had no access to any of the programs and it just feels like nothing is sinking in. I feel like I’m going to need personal tutoring just to get through this course and I don’t want to subject anyone to that knowing how much time I eat up already.



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