I made a table

I was modelling again today and we kept going on with it, though personally I’m worried about my quality compared to the other people in my group. Regardless I did my work and I guess I did okay? I have something to show for myself but it’s not exactly mindblowing. Still I did a table and a dice. A super basic dice right now and the table isn’t finished but you know what that’s fine.

I tried to make the table look a little fancy so I made the stand look better, but aside from that at the current point it is a standard looking table. Maybe I’ll add something else that makes it better or it’ll look more outstanding when the textures are added given the casino style we’re aiming for, so I have my hopes up for that. Still going to think over how to make it better.

I tried making the dice a little fancy too with some curved edges but it didn’t work out so I just decided to work on the texture instead and got that done. I was later told I could do something with Blevels or something so I’ll have to try that for next week just to make sure I can do everything I can to make the dice look good, also hoping that will work out nicely at the least.



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