This game is taking a while

The whole saga of this game so far hasn’t been too great, mainly cause I got sick last week and it meant that I missed the whole day so I left my partner to do a bunch of stuff on their own. Today we were doing some more from here, mainly just continuing on. I hope this will all be playable in some fashion after all this, at the very least but code is probably my weakest point at the moment, so it doesn’t look good.

I mainly went about gathering code from the Unity site and getting all my assets in the right order, making the playspace and seeing what I would need alongside all the other parts of the game. Again, I’m hoping I’ll be able to put it all together, like a jigsaw puzzle but I know it won’t be as easy really. Going to need to be handheld through it all so yeah, seems like it might take some time.

At the least I can say I did most of it myself, in terms of making assets and knowing what I had to do whilst my partner did the other stuff, that kind of thing. I know that A for effort doesn’t really count in college but I try to think that way in some sort of self esteem way. Without it I struggle to keep my spirits up, so I’m grasping at whatever I can get at this point. But eh we’ll see.



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