Continuing on with Effects

Effects is slowly but surely making more sense, even if I still need to be hand held through it all I can probably say I have something to show for myself even if most of it isn’t entirely my own work. Regardless I got through the lesson and am still trying my best to get to grips with the program, even if it’s still a maze of a program filled with all sorts of menus to figure out.

Today was about green screens and keying, taking some stock footage with a stock environment and making it work. Using transparency, getting the colour and lighting right, making the stock footage fit in well without standing out, and finally taking out the background elements so it’s a perfect fit. It’s a lot of work and a lot of menus, but I got most of the way through it all.

I feel like I’ll get there eventually, coming from something I used to struggle a lot with, but even then it just feels like I’ve replaced something else I struggled with into another thing to struggle with, seems like I’ll never be on board with something all the time, there’s always something that I struggle with no matter what. If this keeps up all the way until the main assignments it’s not going to be good.



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