The little sack that could

Maya continues to chug along at a reasonable pace and that’s just fine. The project is close to being finished and now I’m heading into the final stretch myself. Whilst mine isn’t near as complex or advanced as the other animations in the class, I like my sack and I’m going to see this through as basic as it is. As long as it works and doesn’t break, then maybe it’s alright?

Today since the animation was finished, it was all about the bells and whistles, getting the lighting and rendering done. The lighting seemed simple enough with three point lighting and all. Then I was told about all the other possibilities that came with lighting and what I could do with it, letting me do something pretty neat. Again though, this is a case of me getting a decent amount of help.

After that it was the rendering part, which was somewhat tough to line up an ideal shot and getting all the background together. It was nice looking with how clean it was, but that wasn’t the case with batch rendering. It’s a lot more complex and I stumbled a lot with it, something I’ll need to sort out more. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long, or doesn’t turn all my images into audio files again.



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