So maybe we’re getting somewhere

It’s not a secret that after effects is something I struggle with regularly. Not to knock the program, it just seems like the processes that come with the creation and usage of effects feels like a maze of menus and options that is so easy to get lost in. At the very least I can say today that I did fairly well for once, getting lost a few times yes but I was able to do some things to get a decent job done.

Granted it must be noted I didn’t do this solo, needing help where it was needed. It is to be expected, I’m just glad I didn’t hog the time and didn’t keep the help away from others, since I tend to need to be explained like a child for this stuff. Hopefully in the future I can problem solve by myself and not need to rely on help, but that won’t come for a while now so I might as well put up with my inability.

The main thing to take from this is that I did a decent job and that’s all I can ask for at this point in time. It was a very flashy logo we were making today, full of shine and multiple layers and so many effects to implement. The coding side of after effects is a complete mystery to me but at least it isn’t as complex as other coding with other programs. We’re continuing it next lesson so perhaps it’ll get done then.



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