A lot to do in little time

So on top of all this maths stuff I need to learn which comes with coding and making games, it’s been told I need to make a game by the end of February which is a lot to ask of me considering I’ve still not got all the main game making parts down. But apparently it’s going to be a paired work so I’m teaming up so maybe it won’t be so hard, but it’s still going to be a task to do something without it falling apart.

Today was simple really, learning the stuff we were told to look up maths wise and getting prepared to make the game. We decided on the style of art we should use and once that was done, we got to making assets and getting some of the code preset for when we make it. I handled the asset work and my partner handled the coding side, since they had a better grasp on that side than I did.

I still looked up stuff on my end too, but mainly simple things that’ll help with the game’s presentation like flashing graphics and making it clear to the player what’s good and what’s bad to them. It’s a start so I can at least say that it’s a good thing to get something together, even if it’s not amazing. Hopefully this all goes well for the future, I’ll be keeping my expectations in check.



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