Art is for appreciating

Even if I’m not too good at art in most of the sense, I like think that at the very least I have an eye for what is good with it and where the methods seen in art have been applied. Today was all about that, in which we took a look at various games and where they took inspiration from art styles to make their games look good. It’s interesting to see where it all comes from, so it’s a good lesson as a whole.

The main focus was the most obvious example of all, being Bioshock and it’s influences drawn from Art Deco to create its world. It’s fairly clear cut at a basic standpoint, but digging deeper into it you find more to look at and more to critique. Whilst I feel like there are better options in terms of looking at art in games, it’s still a reliable option to go for if you want to understand at a simple level.

After we looked at it we took a look at some of the actual art deco styles seen during the time and used it as a comparison to see how much they took and how it worked out in the gamespace. It was simple enough,  plus it also opened up into the start of an essay where we had to look at it ourselves with our own choices. It’ll be a long project but hopefully nothing too difficult.



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