This sack is doing fine for itself

The project is almost done here and it should be fine, supposedly. I’ve said that before and it didn’t turn out so great, so here’s hoping it’s not the case here. Animating the sack is done now and it’s all about cameras and rendering to make the animation look good. There’s also some lighting in there too, though I think I might only need the one for this project, simplistic and all.

I animated some more, filling in the gaps that there were there to make the animation look more refined as well as tweaking parts for the sake of secondary animation and such. After that I got some help to apply a texture to the sack, even though I was told not to worry about it, which is still nice to have since it makes it look a little more appealing, on top of hiding some of the model flaws.

After that it was all a case of getting used to the camera and trying to make a good shot for the render. By next time I’ll have hopefully set up some lights and be ready to render, since it’ll look good by then and be probably enough to get some merit once this has to be evaluated. It’s pretty thankful that this is at least one of the parts of this course I’m halfway decent at.



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