It’s been a while since I did maths

Today was all about maths, as was last week. This is all going to help us make the game we’re going to make on our own, so there’s a lot to learn and do so I want to get this all sorted out as soon as possible. It’s been slow going so far since I haven’t done maths in years so I’m just getting back into the swing of learning maths and such, but I’m slowly getting there.

Today was all about trigonometry and a brief look at some radius related topics, so it was long but not too hard to grasp. Even by advanced math standards this sort of thing isn’t too complex, so there was an understanding. The real challenge comes from trying to get it to work with code and such, since it needs to done specifically and perfectly to get it work, so I want to try and handle that right.

Really it’s nothing I can’t do, it’s more a matter of doing it in a way that is both worthy of merit and can actually get me somewhere with game development. I still have the game concept in mind and it should be simple to implement this code into the concept, since the game itself is rather simple. Still, there’s a lot more maths to learn so I can’t go jumping the gun here.



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