I don’t like after effects

I’ve come to really not like Mondays cause I have to deal with this lesson. Without a doubt the after effects lesson is the worst lesson I have considering how bad I am at it. I can never follow anything, what I’m supposed to do always breaks and I get lost just navigating the menus. I don’t think I’ve ever successfully pulled off what I was being asked to do in a after effects lesson yet.

This time it was about animating text to do some weird stuff and needless to say I failed at doing it. I never got anything animating because I couldn’t learn what the process was. I just kind of spent three hours blindly fiddling with the menus and hoping something would happen, which did happen but nothing close to what I was supposed to do. I got very tired and very bored very fast.

Then there was a second part with making a wiggly line but I didn’t even do that, the line kept disappearing and none of the menus that were supposed to appear actually did, so ultimately that never happened for me. I’m really¬†hoping I can do this come May because if I can’t do this by then then that’ll be an automatic fail on my assignment and a guaranteed repeat of the year for sure.



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