Finally time for Mudbox

Whilst I have been aware of Mudbox for a long while now, I haven’t had a chance to ue it yet, but now i have today. It’s just as confusing and complex as Maya is, so that I expected, but either way getting experience with the program is always a good thing. Maybe I’ll get more time with it soon, since I’m still not completely familiar with the program, so here’s hoping for that.

After being given a basic model to work with, It was focused entirely on texture work and the like, trying to make the whole thing look presentable with textures and painting and the like. It was simple enough to understand, doing it was another story but I did it well enough as it was. It’s not exactly what I would call masterful or anything but I did it and that’s what I’m grasping at.

After all that was done, we were told to move it into Mudbox so we could do some more advanced techniques with the program and show what we could do there in combination with programs like Maya and Photoshop. I did some of that, not a lot but I tried to experiment with what I could do. Like I said, I would like to experiment more with Mudbox, but that’ll have to come another time.



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