Still need to make a game

When we came back we were told we needed to make a game and that’s what we’re going to do. We were told about all the maths we need to learn so we could do the coding side of it, and then we were pretty much left to learn on our own. It was a weird lesson and honestly I’ve never liked the lessons that lack direction like that, but I did what I could do and such.

In terms of what game to make, I will probably just do the Christmas game I was going to do with Flash but probably just do it in Unity, if that is possible. It’s a simple enough concept and I think I could do that even if it’s terrible and barely functions, if it works it works and that was matters to me. I have no idea what functions I would need to learn but I will get there.

I have a feeling relearning all this maths after years of not doing it is going to be the hardest part for me in this course. It’s a lot of complex stuff and I barely scraped by maths as it was in the past, plus I haven’t done maths in years now. It will take a while and it’ll probably do a good job of showing my lack of intelligence, but whatever has to be done has to be done.


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