Keep on animating

There’s still a project I have to do and that’s the animation project that I was in the middle of. It’s going fine and I think I could do a good job with it but then again it’s still a lot of work to do. I was told about how I need to render it and then use a different kind of rendering with a different program I haven’t used yet. I’m hoping it isn’t going to end up being too complex.

The animation itself I feel is almost done, I want to make some improvements to it mostly involving the main movements, but I feel the rest is looking good enough to present at the moment, and after that I can focus on the rendering fully and probably the texturing too. It needs to look good enough and I want to do a somewhat more outstanding job than normal, so that’s something to aim for.

I also got word about the room project and it’s feedback, as well as a new deadline for the end of February  for when I need to hand it in again after taking the feedback on board and improving where I can. I am grateful that this is a thing that is happening since I wasn’t happy with it initially as it was, so getting more time to work on it and do even better is very thankful.



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