About the Portfolio

This is a somewhat late post but better late than never I guess. I set up a portfolio a while ago and I got feedback on it and my general performance in what I did over the past few months. It was a weird experience but I got through it as a whole so it seems to have gone well I think. I’m still not confident in my abilities but then again when is that ever going to happen.

I made the portfolio in a fairly quick manner and it wasn’t flashy or anything so it looked basic, but I don’t mind. I sorted it out and went in on the day I was supposed to, it went fairly smoothly. I was honest about what I did and they gave their thoughts too, which was mostly positive. It made sense to me and even though I still don’t feel good about myself at least they think of something good with me.

The general explanation was how I was doing fine and was on target for what the course entailed, and how I was only seemingly bad because I was in the older class so it was natural that others were going to be ahead of me. Compared to other classes I was on par with them apparently, so it was all good I guess. Just got to keep on going and do my thing some more.



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