I didn’t get this lesson

I got confused very easy this time. I thought the lesson would be simple enough but as it turns out it wasn’t. I still don’t get Photoshop well at all, especially with layers being the main issue. Then there was two other programs I had to worry about, it felt like an information overload and really got me confused. I know it’s probably a really dumb thing to not understand, but that’s how I was this lesson.

It started off with silhouettes in Photoshop with vehicles, then it moved onto trying to use a photo behind it to create a colour scheme, but like I said I still don’t get how layers work and I couldn’t do it. Then the lesson moved onto a program called sketch up and then I got confused, it’s moving onto a whole different program when I was barely able to understand the first one.

After that it moved onto 3DSMax for some reason, where it was about eggs or something. By then I was completely lost and it made me feel like a complete idiot. I really didn’t follow well at all and I got virtually nothing done this whole lesson. It felt like there wasn’t a clear goal in mind for the lesson and I didn’t like that at all. Then again it’s probably just me being too dense again.



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