Eventually getting there

Animating in Maya has never been too tough for me, but the more advanced side of things has been something that takes me a while to understand, and the blocking process was one of them. Doing animations piece by piece rather than all in the same go was a weird feeling and it meant my work as been slower than usual, but here I got the hang of it and now I’m focusing on the other parts of the animation.

It’s tough mainly because of the sack model itself, which is fairly complex and easy to misalign, which isn’t great if I wanted to get a consistent look with the model since it changes and warps so easily. It made the task daunting but eventually I got one for each part of the storyboard that I made, which is a good place to start the animation which I am thankful for.

Now it’s down to getting the rest of the process down along with handling the camera, which shouldn’t be hard since I understand it and get how it works, plus the camera work for this project is very easy to handle, so it shouldn’t take long. I can just hope I get this whole thing done on time rather than have another case of the room project, I’m still disappointed about that.



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