Now there’s coding in After Effects

I struggled in this lesson because After Effects is pretty hard. Now that coding is involved I had a hard time following the information, plus it still involved things from After Effects that I didn’t fully grasp like the Nulls, so it wasn’t exactly great. I’m really going to have to look up this stuff in more depth because in classes it is not sinking into my head well at all, so yeah.

We were going to do some manual animation stuff, as before it was all pre done stuff that could be handled with changing values and numbers, but this time it’s going to be more like animating in Flash with using code to sort stuff out, which doesn’t sound so bad on paper but the coding is never easy, which makes getting things right pretty tough, especially since it incorporates bouncing.

I didn’t get much done, it was tough. I want to do better with After Effects but it is by far the most difficult lesson, at least with Flash I’m still missing out on learning so I have an excuse to not be great with it, in After Effects I am being taught and I’m still struggling. I have to try harder but these 8 hour days can get pretty exhausting, even if today that wasn’t the case unfortunately.



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