I did some art too

Art is always a weird lesson because of how it is set up, though I at least get some small minor enjoyment out of it. Even then it was a odd time that leads into me needing to do more work for a project, which sounds fun at the very least, still going to require a significant amount of work to do. I’ll probably have to get a start on it soon given how I have to do a portfolio too.

The main focus of the lesson was taking cues from the art style of adventure time and using it as a means to make art, specifically the usage of shapes to create a figure that we can draw. It was a fairly simple task though I did it wrong, as it turns out we were supposed to be following the cylinder shapes that are commonly seen in the show, rather than shapes in general.

That was it really, it was a basic lesson and I would like to think I learned something from it. There was a showcase of robot designs but that had nothing to do with me, other than showing off the talents of others which is worthy of praise. For now I want to focus on that new project which is focused on landscapes and artists for a specific art direction, hopefully that goes well.


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