The room didn’t get done

I know I’ve been told to be more positive about the whole blog but this is something I’m really disappointed in if I’m being truly honest. Ultimately the room project I was doing didn’t get completed 100%, no texturing happened and I couldn’t do the rendering since that was the next step after that. It was because of a mistake and really I feel like this is a huge let down, if I want to be honest.

Pretty much, I saved a bunch of UVs to be unwrapped in photoshop in a session, but as I was going to do it, it turns out that I somehow saved all the UVs as audio files rather than image files, all on the last day I could do the project. It annoyed me heavily that I screwed up the way I did and I didn’t even notice it. I have no idea why it didn’t happen last time I did UVs, but regardless it’s disappointing.

Since yesterday was a very strange day I’d rather forget, I couldn’t do anything else and ultimately my room project is unfinished. I only got the models done and the general placement, so you can say it’s 50% done. I’m really sorry for this and I can only hope this doesn’t detriment anything. I truly did try and I still ended up failing, so hopefully the portfolio goes better since that is much more important.



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