After Effects is still weird

Doesn’t matter how much do I try with After Effects, it tends not to sink in well. It’s a weird little program, like a maze of menus and options that don’t always work. But that’s what learning is for and that’s what I have to do. This time it was more about Nulls and Tracking and a whole bunch of other weird terms I can barely understand but at least I can find them in the menu.

So we had to do some stuff with moving clips, short little bits filmed on a camera that was clearly not a proper one, though that was a purposeful thing because that’s what we set out to fix up. We had to fix the shake and focus up the shot, finalising with adding an image seamlessly into the clip and making the clip track onto it using a Null, which is a lot to take in and got a little annoying to follow.

Really, it was a mess. A very tough lesson and generally it seemed like everyone struggled in some kind of capacity, though I’d still prefer if I did better. I got the basic parts down but actually getting it all to get to work together was tough. I never got the tracking right and making the image fit into the clip wasn’t easy either. I should be able to get a handle of it soon but I can only hope.



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