About that space game

This was a weird lesson. There was more looking into the scripting side, seeing what could be done with timers and such, basically coming together to make the whole experience an actual game and such. It’s not easy but that is a given, with how much coding there needs to be. At this point we’re supposed to be able to put 2 and 2 together to build our own code, but I’m not there yet.

A timer was added to the game to make it so the game has a fail state beyond crashing, along with the game restarting upon a failure. It wasn’t easy, since it means trying to get the code right and making sure it didn’t interfere with the crashing code. Again, I struggled with it but I got most of it down, which isn’t too bad. Still need to do some HUD stuff with it so the timer actually shows up on the screen.

There was also a mention about learning into including collectibles, giving the levels some actual goal and then it could be a functioning game, a simple one but a game nonetheless. I didn’t get to that part, but I plan on doing so. Since we’ve been missing out on a good chunk of the coding side of things with the lack of Flash stuff, I was hoping this would be enough to make up for it.


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