The room that comes together

Taking the time to finish off building the room and getting ready to texture it is a nice feeling, even if it was pretty tough and almost boring at times. Remembering how to UV unwrap was a bit of a step to handle since it’d been a while since I did it, but I got there and now it’s just in the final step of the process, well not really. I still need to render it I believe, but that will be easy if my last time rendering was any indication.

The room got built up including the surroundings, like the walls and ceiling which was still a pain for as simple as it could be, since it meant lining them up perfectly, not wanting to make them clash or look overly unprofessional, nothing like that. I actually did the UV unwrapping before I finished the room off, I don’t know why but it might be because I did all the main objects in there before I did the walls and ceiling.

Now that I have it all built up and various saved UVs, I can texture them and apply them to the right places, which shouldn’t be as complex as it was with the spaceship, not to mention I’ll probably use actual images this time rather than painting them in, after all that was pretty unprofessional of me last time so I have to show them I can do it properly, at least for the portfolio I suppose.



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