That space game is going to be good

More time with that space game and this time was fairly basic, focused on functions but mainly the end game was to make a semi working button, since a menu is probably going to be a big deal in all this. It went as smoothly as I could’ve hoped, and there was even a little coding knowledge to be learned in all this, so that could lead to some fun things coming up maybe if I can get something going.

There’s not much to really say about this lesson, we were told about functions and given the basic guidance into making a button and setting it up, tying into how we did some stuff about different levels and progression into another one since you know, menu selection is a thing. It’ll really help out in the long run, though for now it was only the basics and it seems like making a menu in unity is fairly easy.

There’s still some nagging stuff with the game I want to get sorted out, like how for some reason every time I open up the project the ship starts disappearing into the background and I need to make a whole new one to get it on the front of the backgrounds. It isn’t a major problem but it is an annoyance and I am worried it could cause trouble in the long run if it continues.



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