Building that house

Not got to the UV part but that is the least of my problems with this right now, since I have a while to go. Really the hardest thing is just deciding what do to, since I need to consider what makes the room look good and what is going to be easy to UV unwrap. Even then it shouldn’t be too complex in the first place, so overall it seems like it should go well, granted I still need to do it in time.

For now I’m kind of just adding whatever you’d expect to see in a room. I have a desk and a bed and a bookshelf so far, simple stuff at the moment. It’s all very basic stuff, mainly using cubes and the like with the occasional other shape like spheres and cylinders when it’s needed. It’s not a big deal, I get by with what I have and really I’ve learned if I do anything too complex it tends to make UV unwrapping hard.

I’m going to try  and fill up as much space as I can with the room and then add anything logical that comes with a room, maybe a lighting feature too. Once that’s sorted I’ll do a quick and dirty job of the UV unwrap since if I focus too much on it I’ll be here forever, then get that scene set up nicely. I’ve rendered before so it shouldn’t be a hassle but it’ll be tough to do well, personally anyways.



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