After Effects Is Tough

It’s no secret that I find anything related to after effects really tough, to the point where I’m going in blind with most of my lessons. This is another case but I tried to at least give some kind of effort with getting this and I really don’t get it. I guess I needed to look up this myself but at least I followed the main directions as best as I could, so I can probably pick this up another time.

Looking into 3D isn’t easy, but at least it involved some lighting stuff so that isn’t so bad, I can do that. Then there’s importing a clip and putting the text into the clip, along with marking the ground with these dots into a triangle shape so the camera can move around right, to call it confusing is an understatement. There’s so many things to keep in mind that it was really overwhelming.

Once I did most of the instructions, I really didn’t know what to do next. I feel like I’d be able to get more involved if this was a ongoing project, like how there’s the unity project or the maya project, but this is just a bunch of unrelated stuff that is mostly experiments, which is all fine but I think it’s why I struggle to keep up. I’m not sure but there’s a logo thing so maybe that’ll come to something.




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