More Maya Modelling

Maya has been the part of this course I’ve seemed to resonate most with, though that doesn’t mean I’m amazing with it. Today is a pretty clear example of this, there was a big info dump of new features and none of it has sunk in at all. I made a model and everything but it was incredibly basic, nothing good looking but for the purposes of animation you could say it was fine enough, I suppose.

I learned about Hierarchies, Constraints and Deformations, though I say learned in large quotation marks and with a big pinch of salt. Doing a whole process and trying to remember it, let alone doing it without messing up is a pain, I’ll be surprised if my model even animates properly when I’m done with it. Pivots are annoying, getting everything to move correctly is too, and I absolutely hate Deformations.

Again it’s simply a case of waiting and seeing, if I can actually do anything good with it. It’ll be tough but possible, though the real challenge is getting something good enough to put onto my portfolio. I need to do it and it’s going to be terrible, but I can at least soften the blow by adding something fancy looking to make it seem like I’m doing well? No idea but it’s worth trying.



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