Physics puzzles are all I can do

My unity project is coming along at a slow but generally steady pace. Since I lack the same kind of coding prowess as others do I’ve mainly been relying on the more practical things I can do with a game creation software, in which I use what is given to me to make a basic sort of gameplay element that doesn’t involve me coding or breaking the game with my lack of general skills.

After the little feedback session from before, it seems people enjoyed the short puzzle I made up, so now it’s pretty much all I’m doing. Making it so you can push a box around is fairly easy plus I have the right kind of settings to make it somewhat challenging. The way the physics work make platforming pretty tough, not to mention how easy it is for the boxes you have to push fall over.

I’m not sure how much I’ll end up doing, I guess enough so there’s something of merit, as well as nothing too complex so when more coding comes into play it can be easily incorporated into the project. At least I think I have a good look nailed down for it, so it’ll make for some cool little screenshots, I just need to work out how the lighting system works in Unity and I’ll be good.



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