Particles are particles

So the cube stuff got done with eventually, I thought it would the whole focus of the lesson but as it turns out there was a second part, which is pretty thankful since it wasn’t too engaging if I was honest, but it was necessary since everyone seemed to be struggling. But now we got a new thing to focus which is nice. Particles are always a complicated thing so this might take some time anyways.

So we were given a lot of ways experiment with, mainly just told to get a colour scheme going and to change all of the effects and settings to see what we could make. Primarily we were told to do the stuff we could run into a simulation, which is somewhat limited but it’s still good. I found some nice ones, mainly the only I’m showing in the post. I didn’t change it too much since I didn’t want to break anything, but it was still good.

Since the time is limited I can hope we can more focus on this next lesson, since it seems we’re going to be putting this knowledge together to make a animated logo out of what we’ve learned so far, so that’ll be a challenge. It should be fine, I have a good idea of what logo I’d want to do, unless it’s a case where we all have to do the same logo or type of logo, something like that. It’d be disappointing but I understand it.



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