Finally getting somewhere?

I pray to god that is the case. After Effects seems to have been a thorn in everyone’s side for a while now, so it seems anyways. It doesn’t help I missed last week’s lesson which wasn’t exactly helpful for a part of the course I was already struggling with, but you have to run with the bad and that’s what I’m doing. Today was supposedly a lesson to try and easy people into Nulls and other stuff I still don’t know what it means.

It was fairly simple on paper, but thanks to the general complexity of After Effects and how it has a very high learning curve when it comes to what the hell is going on, it’s still a fairly tricky thing to get the hang of. We had to make a perfect cube and then make the project 3D and then change the Null points and then add some lighting, it was one thing after the other and was generally tricky to keep up with.

However it seems I actually did it, it seems? Usually I flounder about for 3 hours wondering what I did and if it’ll sink in, but this time it seems to have made some form of sense, though not something I could so easily call my strongest subject and proceed to make a masterpiece out of. I doubt I’ll be a professional at it any time soon, but being able to do this in any capacity was a small confidence boost.



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